MS332, Synchronous Controller for Motor Drives, motor tốc độ electro-sensors vietnam, đại lý electro-sensors vietnam

Loại sản phẩm: Motơ- Truyền động – Điều khiển

Mã sản phẩm: MS332

Nhà cung cấp: electro-sensors

Hãng sản xuất: Electro Sensor

Xuất sứ: USA

Giá : $5666

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Synchronous Controller for Motor Drives

  • Index-follower (event/phase synchronization),
     Ratio-follower (electronic line-shaft) and Master modes
  • Smooth, tight closed-loop PID control re-calculates
     1024 times/s
  • 6 digit setpoint precision with full decimal point flexibility
  • Follower modes maintain locked synchronization
     per the setpoint with zero average error
  • Multiple switchable/selectable setpoints per mode
  • Many configurable switch-input and transistor- output
     functions aid sophisticated machine control processes
  • Special features including encoder pulse per index measurement
    and averaging (Index-follower mode)
  • Setup, calibration, and diagnostic utilities
  • Standard Modbus RTU over RS485 network interface allows remote access to
    all configuration parameters and real-time measurements

The MS332 is a powerful and versatile tool for building numerous closed-loop follower machine processes. 

The MS332 creates an intelligent follower control loop by receiving event-index and/or shaft encoder sensor signals from both the lead and follower machines and outputting an analog speed command to your follower machine variable speed motor drive.

Capabilities include uni/bi-directional machine speed and mechanical phase control, event synchronization and electronic line-shaft/gearing.

Accepts quadrature incremental encoder signals and virtually all type discrete index/event sensor signals (e.g. encoder Z, prox, photo-eye, logic).  Provides encoder/sensor power, making it ideal for new or existing systems. The isolated analog speed command output is configurable  to  0 → ±10V bi-directional or  0 → 10V unidirectional with or without a discrete (transistor) fwd/rev direction command, making the MS332 compatible with virtually all variable speed drives (AC-vector, AC-inverter, DC or servo).

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